Lego® Serious Play®

This, powerful, methodology has been used successfully by Lego, NASA, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Google, Waitrose, Proctor & Gamble, Mastercard and many more.

Lego® Serious Play® (LSP) was developed by Lego® to help them to strengthen their business. 15 years later LSP is still used to support businesses with a number of different activities, such as strategising, prototyping, problem solving, vision, idea development, values, behaviours etc.

Think with your hands

Studies suggest that thinking with your hands instead of the head can improve performance and assist in finding solutions to problems.

A different approach

Using physical objects and tools while problem solving, can ignite innovative ways of resolving problems. This is a team favourite!

The benefits Lego® Serious Play ® can bring to your organisation

  • Deeper understanding of your own thoughts as well as group thinking
  • Solutions to take forward
  • 100% engagement and ownership by all
  • Shared vision
  • Shared goals
  • Shared guiding principles
  • Increasing productivity
  • Unlocking and tapping into existing talent
  • Developing strong leaders and teams who are effective and productive
  • Strengthening your organisation enabling you to be resilient and grow

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