The global job market has become increasingly competitive and developing countries like Tanzania face a significant challenge in equipping their youth with the necessary skills to secure employment. Evolve Global Solutions, in partnership with Harrow College and Tanzania’s Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA), developed an innovative solution to this challenge through the Enterprise Passport Project.

The Enterprise Passport is a national toolkit for entrepreneurship that has been used across TVET colleges in Tunisia, South Africa, and Tanzania. The project aimed to develop the entrepreneurial and employability skills of students and help them secure employment. The passport provided a way for students to capture evidence of their employability skills, which was endorsed by either their teacher or employer providing work placement.

The project team consisted of trainers, students, education managers, VETA board members, and employers, ensuring a broad base of representatives and creating strong bonds that exist to this day. The Enterprise Passport was approved and endorsed for national use by the VETA board, and all trainee VET teachers in Tanzania completed the passport as part of their teacher training course.

The project team also provided training for teachers to enable them to develop their entrepreneurial skills and implement the Enterprise Passport. The project was funded by the British Council and was adapted for use in Tunisia by adding French and Arabic translations. The passport has been used successfully with CFA Bizerte students, who now directly secure employment with a key international employer, Van Laack.

The Enterprise Passport was also adapted for use with four South African TVET colleges, with adaptations linked to industry-specific skills required. The passport has helped students gain knowledge needed for interviews and develop their answers to make them more competitive in interview situations. It has also helped to improve students’ confidence by identifying their strengths.

In conclusion, the Enterprise Passport Project has been successful in empowering youth for employment in Tanzania and other developing countries. It has provided a solution to the challenge of equipping young people with necessary skills to secure employment. The passport has also helped to develop the entrepreneurial skills of both students and teachers, and has been successfully used in multiple countries, providing a strong foundation for continued success in the future.