There is still a long way to go before women achieve true parity. The gap varies from country to country, but shortfalls are still very apparent. A substantial number of women are under-represented across Europe, and this is significantly higher among women with migrant backgrounds. 

In 2001, the share of females among all international migrants reached 2 per cent in Europe women migrating not just as partners and dependents, but also as independent agents in search of work and opportunities. et, once they arrive, they are often marginalised and face well known transversal gender related challenges: -Those women in leading positions are significantly lower paid than men in those roles -Male dominant environments can be a challenge for progress.  Women can also face challenge and lack of support from other women.

NOW breaks boundaries for boosting a key strategic partnership. The project will create a transnational network  UK, Cyprus, Ireland, Greece, France, Spain, Iceland and Portugal – of valuable support through peer learning, share experiences and discuss emerging good practices. This will create a unique and dynamic community of practice to address how key challenges are experienced and will tackle advancement with a multifaceted and flexible approach, targeting to empower women with migrant background, enhance their leadership aspirations and competences and provide venues for networking and integration. NOW has a strategic focus on migrant women’s advancement into leadership roles.  The project will:

  • • Produce a collection of women leaders’ role models to share biographies, give real-world examples and inspire migrant women
  • • Develop a multilingual MOOC and a Community of Practice offering flexible learning and resources on leadership and an exchange path with other migrant women, leader women and mentors
  • • Develop a bespoke mentoring cycle programme to equip future mentors in providing continuous mentoring support to migrant women in career development planning as well as in navigating the complex challenges they face every day in the workplace
  • • Implement pilot trials and mentoring cycles – Engage associated partners, stakeholders and decision- and policy-makers, through dissemination and scaling actions to mainstream and deploy NOW

After the end of the project, partners are committed to continue the NOW’s community of practice and deliver further training and mentoring initiatives not only to migrant women but also to any women to support their advancement into leadership roles and take ownership.

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