Despite the endless cavalcade of online think pieces about millennials, there’s a new generation that demands our focus and attention. Generation Z, born after 2000, is growing up, with the oldest members of the cohort now approaching 21 years old. 

Millions are now entering the workforce, with another million or so to follow over the next two decades. Unlike millennials, who might remember a time when computers were not commonly found in the living room or home office, members of Generation Z are true digital natives. They are not only technically savvy, but also expect technology to be a natural and frequent part of learning, work and everyday life. Generation Z is more likely to value independence and therefore is poised to become the most entrepreneurial generation ever.

In light of the challenges and opportunities arising from social media and a clear need for better support for ET learners with cutting-edge approaches, the Gen-Z project aims to join efforts to empower this generation to become social media entrepreneurs and at the same time develop their key competences and employability skills. A further by-product of this project will be to enable linkages where Gen- Z beneficiaries will be able to support other businesses with their own capacity to use social media to improve their businesses. A key aspect to achieve this is to ensure that we also equip ET professionals so that they have the confidence and acquire the necessary know-how to teach social media business to ET learners Gen-Z. In this context, partners from United Kingdom, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Portugal and Spain, will: 

  • • identify role models to serve as good and ethical examples of social media entrepreneurial activity; 
  • • develop and test a bespoke training curriculum on social media businesses for ET learners; 
  • • develop and test a blended in-service training for empowering ET trainers, teachers and mentors; 
  • • develop a social media entrepreneurship learning hub, for both ET learners and ET trainers, teachers and mentors
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